Results of the survey


Based on the results page, I’m in doubt to which cluster I belong.

The first cluster that appears when entering the results page, is the cluster you belong to.

The answers to the indicators in the cluster I belong to are not comparable to the personal answers I gave

It is possible that not all your answers are comparable to the mean in that cluster. Some of the items are more decisive to assign you in a cluster than others. On the home page you read more about which items are more influential than others.

When I want to check my results, I only see the mean of each cluster, but not my own answers.

Did you log into the website? You should do so with the login and password you were given to start the PhD survey. If you are able to log in and don’t see your personal results, please contact for follow-up.

I completed the survey last year but did not receive an email to check my results. How can I enter the website to check my results?

You can log in with the password you were given last year to participate in the survey.

I lost my password, how can login to my results on

To change your password, please click here.

I have some remarks on this website, to whom can I address the issues?

You can send an email with your remarks. We value your input!